Allen and Page are an innovative, family owned, national company with four generations of experience.  Using only the very finest ingredients, the Smallholder Range provides well-balanced feeds designed for animals being raised more naturally.

Allen & Page make natural feed without artificial growth promoters or artificial yolk pigmenters. Their mill is totally drug free – no antibiotics, coccidiostats or growth promoters.

All feeds in the Smallholder Range are approved by the Vegetarian Society and are free from animal by-products and formulated without genetically modified ingredients.  Only selecting the highest quality vegetable oils, the vitamins used are not covered in the traditional gelatine coating.

Non-GM Ingredients:
To be able to offer the very highest standard of feed, Allen & Page do all that they can to ensure that all the ingredients used are grown from seed which is not genetically modified (Non-GM).  Although no crops can be guaranteed to be completely GM free, Allen & Page go one step further than most and only ever use Hard IP ingredients – this means that the crops are grown from Non-GM seeds in a protected area away from any GM crops, which helps to avoid possible contamination. The alternative and more commonly used Soft IP (FEMAS), could contain almost one tonne of GM contamination in every 100 tonnes of ingredient! (IP means Identity Preserved – i.e. not contaminated). The Allen & Page quality assured mill is ISO9001 Approved, UFAS Feed Assured, Soil Association Licensed and Vegetarian Society Approved.

British Made:
Based in Norwich, Allen & Page was established as a limited company in 1936 and is still operating as a family business, developed and grown with over four generations of experience helping to build the business into the national feed producer it is today.  In 2009, Allen & Page received a Royal Warrant from HRH The Prince of Wales.  Striving to constantly innovate and improve, with an ethos to produce feeds that are more wholesome and environmentally friendly than the market standard.  More than two decades ago Allen & Page gained the accreditation of many major food production and quality control bodies, including the Vegetarian Society, Soil Association and ISO organisations. This set a standard for the company to continue working closely with these bodies to ensure the highest quality feed is produced.