Standard feed is one thing, but what about treats for our hens? There is now a huge array of treat feeds available for poultry from seed and grain mixes in bags and tubs, through to hanging bird feeder blocks and popcorn specifically for chickens!

Feeding greens and other treat foods can be responsible for the nice dark yokes that everyone loves to see, but treats should be limited and ideally fed after midday to ensure that the hens have their needed intake of nutrients from the specially formulated feeds.

To help digest their food your birds need grit, small pieces of angular stone and shell that sits in their gizzard and helps to grind up the food as it passes through. Chicken grit is available in various forms, both soluble (limestone/oyster shell) and non-soluble (flint/granite). We sell grits separately, however, we always recommend our bags of mixed grit which contain shell and stone, this allows your birds to decide which they need and when. The grit can be scattered on the ground for them to find or simply put out in a small feed cup on the side of the pen near the main feeder. Just remember, a good supply of grit is essential, it is their teeth!