Chicken Snap ‘N Share Bar


100% Natural Boredom Busting Treat

Made from delicious oats, seed, herbs and veggies, all bound together using a plant-based binder.

The unique shaped bar makes it super easy to break into the perfect-sized portion for your flock!

125g bar.

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Treat your feathered friends with our 100% natural treat bar, made by Natures Grub, a UK family run business based in Norfolk.

Their bars are made from premium oats, seeds & herbs with a delicious carrot & beetroot topper, all bound together using their plant-based binder!

The unique-shaped bar makes it super easy to break into the perfect-sized portion for your flock!

Enrichment treats not only supplement your chickens’ diet with additional nutrients but also stimulate their minds and encourage natural behaviours like scratching, pecking, and exploring their surroundings. This mental engagement can reduce stress and anxiety, prevent boredom, and decrease the chances of behavioural problems such as feather pecking or aggression.

Feeding Guide:
A complementary food for poultry. simply break into desired size and scatter on the ground

Naked Oats, Red Dari, Micronised Wheat, Micronised Barley, Wheat, Red Millet, Oats, Edible Vegan Binder, Black Sunflower Seeds, Peas, Spearmint, Parsley Stalks (3.81%), Oregano (1.43%), Carrot (1%), Beetroot, Parsnip, Garlic (0.48%)

Analytical Constituents:
Crude Protein 11%, Crude Fats 6%, Crude Fibres 4%, Crude Ash 2% Lysine 0.4%, Methionine 0.2%

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