Hybrids make the perfect hens for many situations, from a small scale back-garden set up, through to a larger commercial flock.

With a selection of different feather markings and colours they look very attractive as a mixed flock, provide a mixed basket of egg colours, and are very productive with a high number of eggs laid.

All our hybrids have a comprehensive vaccination programme (something that is un-economical for small scale rearing) and parent flocks are tested for salmonella.  A full vaccination certificate is available upon request.

Hybrids are a result of crossing many generations of birds with ongoing selection of characteristics, creating offspring with strong traits such as high egg numbers and egg colours.  Originally reared for the commercial market with the well-known ‘brown’ hen there are now many breeds of hybrid layers to suit both commercial and domestic poultry keepers, with attractively coloured birds laying brown, white and blue eggs.

We pride ourselves in keeping and selling happy, healthy chickens and encourage everyone to keep their own hens in the same way.  Our Hybrids are sourced only from reputable, established poultry breeders, with full traceability.  The hatcheries follow strict biosecurity plans and offer a commitment and determination to supply only quality stock sourced and supplied in a responsible manner.  During their stay at our farm, we give the hens the utmost care, keeping them in very clean conditions with ample room and access to an outside pen.  They are fed quality feed and we offer our help, advice and ongoing support to our customers.

Hen availability:

Difficulties in the Commercial Poultry Industry during 2023 had an impact on the supply of hybrid hens.  2024 is looking more promising and we are working as closely as possible with our chicken-rearers to bring hybrids to our back garden keepers.

Our hens can be ordered in advance, this really helps us to predict demand and do our best to meet our customers needs.  If any advance orders are made that we cannot meet, then we will of course offer a full refund.  To place an advance order simply choose the breed of hen and select ‘next’ or ‘future’ flock.

When available hens can also be purchased from the current flocks on our farm during our opening hours (Sat and Sun 10am-4pm).

Buying your Hens:

You can simply call into our farm (during our opening hours) to have a look or buy birds.  You can also reserve birds through our website for collection from the farm. If you have not placed an order or have not received our confirmation, please contact us before making a special trip to our farm to avoid any possible disappointment.