Hybrid Maran Cuivree


A pretty Marans Noir Cuivrée and Rhode Island Red hybrid.  The Maran Cuivree is black in the main with distinctive red copper neck feathers which often extend down to the chest, their black feathers glisten with an iridescent green sheen out in the light of day. This is a bird with a good temperament, laying approx. 230 dark brown eggs per year.

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    This is an advance order, we will contact you when the hens are available for collection.

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    Feather colour: black with ginger/copper
    Temperament: friendly / docile
    Egg production:  approx. 220-240 eggs per year
    Egg shell colour:  dark brown

    You can simply call into our farm (during our opening hours) to have a look or buy birds.  You can also reserve birds through our website for collection from the farm.  Reservations are made against breed types and not specific birds, so you are still able to choose the birds yourself when you collect.  Making a reservation ensures we keep that number of the chosen breed for you.  Once we have received your order, we will check the stock levels and contact you to confirm their availability. If any of the birds ordered are not available in the current flock, we will let you know when we will next have them and if this is not acceptable then we will issue a full refund of your deposit.

    When purchasing poultry from us please either bring your own carrier, alternatively, our cardboard boxes or carriers are available to purchase on our website, pre-ordered with your birds or in our shop.

    If you have not placed an order or have not received our confirmation, please contact us before making a special trip to our farm to avoid any possible disappointment.

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