We supply a range of animal feeds for the back garden, from layers pellets for chickens to peanuts and seeds for wild birds.

Our feeds are available in a range of sizes to suit your needs, from small refill tubs perfect if you have just a few hens or wish to treat the birds in your garden: up to 20kg sacks for much larger and hungrier flocks of chickens.

We also supply a range of bedding to keep your animals warm and dry, from shavings, straw and hay to the deluxe Dengie-bed. Bedding is available in small easy to manage bags and large bales.

Feed Loyalty Scheme:

Simply ask in our shop for your loyalty card for feeds:

20kg sacks: receive a stamp for every sack of feed purchased, when your card is full (10 stamps) you receive a £10 credit from your next purchase of feed in our shop

Refill tubs: We offer smaller quantities of feed in our refill tubs to avoid single use containers: Simply return with your empty refill tub (or bring your own tub along); for every refill receive a stamp, when your card is full (10 stamps) you receive a £2 credit (for 2Ltr refills) or a £5 credit (for 5Ltr refills) to use from your next purchase of feed in our shop.

Animal feeds and the environment – The sustainability debate for feeding poultry:

There has been much focus recently on the damage caused to our environment by growing animal feeds especially ultra-processed food for intensive poultry keeping, and whilst keeping chickens in our back gardens is the first important step away from such intensive practices, we should also ensure the feed we provide is the best we can possibly offer. Historically a large part of the back garden chickens feed would have been left-over plants from the garden veg patch and it is still important to offer as much fresh natural feed as possible (Defra rules written for commercial keepers but applicable to garden keepers do not help to encourage this sustainable approach but that is too long a debate to cover here!) A layers feed should be available so that your hens are receiving all the nutrients they need and this is where we can ensure the feed has been produced in the best way possible. Feeds vary extensively, from budget feeds often made from genetically modified crops through to organic feeds made from crops that have not been sprayed with chemical fertilisers and pesticides.

At Mantel Farm we offer 3 ranges of feed – ‘Standard Feeds’ ‘Natural Smallholder Feeds’ and ‘Organic Feeds’ and you can find full details and ingredients lists for each.

Animal feed & bedding products