We have some new products to help your bees get through the winter and develop well in the spring:

Fondabee Candy 1kg bag 
This fondant can be used as a Winter/Early Spring feed and is even used in preference to syrup feeding by some beekeepers. An ideal way to help provide insurance against colony starvation.

Candipolline Gold 1 kg bag
A very useful feed in early spring particularly to prevent isolation starvation and when the bees are unable to go out to forage for the pollens of our plants during inclement weather whilst the spring brood in the hive is rapidly developing.

lnvertbee Syrup 14kg can
This inverted syrup can be fed much later into the autumn, e.g. after the honey crop has been taken off the hives.  It is also excellent for using as a spring stimulant simply by giving each normal hive one to two litres at a time.  The bee’s can digest this inverted syrup much more readily than simply feeding ordinary sugar solution.