Fondant – Candipolline Gold 1kg



Candipolline Gold is very useful in early spring particularly to prevent isolation starvation and when the bees are unable to go out to forage for the pollens of our plants during inclement weather whilst the spring brood in the hive is rapidly developing.

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A complimentary feed:


Beet sugar (sucrose) sugar syrup, pollen, caseinate , allumen, glycerine, vitamins E300, L asorbic acid (vitamin C) 400IU/kg.

Analytic Constitutions:

Sugar   93.35%
Crude Fibre  <1.5%
Crude Ashes  <0.5%
Crude Protein 1.38%
Crude Oil & Fat <0.25%
Calcium  45mg/kg
Phosphorous  108mg/kg
Sodium  57mg/kg
Methionne  <LQ
Lysme   <LQ

Keep dry in enclosed packaging until used.

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