Invertbee Syrup – 14kg can



Based mainly on sugarbeet sugar which has been inverted by using a protein enzyme that raises the monosaccharide’s to almost 50% of the product, thereby enabling the bees to digest the syrup much more readily than simply feeding ordinary sugar solution.

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A complimentary feed:

The sugar is strictly controlled during the inversion and production process in order to achieve a consistent product which is free of neonicotinoids and has a consistent level of dry matter, sugar spectrum and a low level of HMF – less than 30 parts per million (HMF = hydroxyl methyl furfural which is toxic to bees at levels of over 100 parts/million).

Invertbee has a density of 1.37kg/litre and is therefore a thick syrup and SHOULD NOT be diluted with water for doing so would substantially reduce its keeping quality.  It is guaranteed to stay stable in its original form for 12 months and does not necessarily need to be ‘capped off‘ in the hives.  It can therefore be fed much later into the autumn, e.g. after heather honey has been taken off the hives.  It is excellent for using as a spring stimulant simply by giving each normal hive one to two litres at a time.

At this stage you want the bees to consume it rather than having a surplus to store in the empty comb required for the queen to expand its brood nest.

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