BioDri Super Absorbent Powder


A fresh smelling non-hazardous powder suitable for use with animals and birds of all ages.

BioDri is a super absorbent powder to extend the life of bedding. Sprinkle on the flooring of your chicken run. BioDri is extremely effective in absorbing liquids and ammonia gas, inhibiting the growth and spread of bacteria and other harmful organisms.

  • Size: 5kg

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The fresh smelling powder is non hazardous and is suitable for use with animals and birds of all ages.

Contains BioVX, a powerful powder disinfectant.

There are many products available for poultry keepers and being conscious of the environment we have always recommended the more natural products available, steering away from the unnecessary use of harsh chemicals. This we continue to do and our recommended product to keep the outside pen clean is BioDri.

Application of BioDri:
Add 1 cup per square meter on top of the animal bedding.

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