Dust Mix


A dusty mix.  Use in a dry dust bath area.

Suitable for Chickens and Quail

We are currently out of stock of our special dust mix, but recommend instead a mix of Aubichick and Diatom Powder

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    This is an advance order, we will contact you when the hens are available for collection.

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    Dust bathing is an essential part of a chickens’ life. This is a natural way for the birds to keep themselves clean, in good condition and rid themselves of fleas, lice and other mites as best they can.  Our  ‘dust mix’ Our mix is a special composition of several dry dusty natural materials, just what they need to do the job. Add to a dust tray.  In addition, sprinkle over the top or mix in a good amount of our Diatom powder to help them eradicate those pesky little mites!

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