Pork Sausages


Sausages from a local rare-breed pork company providing free-range and exceptional tasting pork.

Local – Great flavour – Free Range

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    After many years of breeding and rearing our own pigs here at Mantel Farm we are delighted to be able to offer you great tasting Sausages from the Heritage Hog Company.

    Ben and Sarah have established this local sustainable rare breed pork company with the ethos to provide locally produced, free-range and exceptional tasting pork that benefits you as a consumer.

    Many of our customers may remember Ben from his time here at Mantel Farm – working at the weekends when he was at school and then joining us full time for a year before going off to agricultural college – he is now keeping pigs locally, including in our pig-pens here at Mantel Farm, along with running our Garden Pig Keeping Courses.

    The Heritage Hog, based in Beckley, East Sussex is a sustainable, rare-breed pork company, run by two passionate and dedicated first-generation farmers.

    Keeping only a small number of rare-breed pigs at any one time Ben and Sarah can ensure that all their animals live outside where they are free to roam and root around in large paddocks.

    This means their pigs can forage for natural food which enhances the flavour of the meat.

    Furthermore, pork reared in this way also contains more naturally occurring vitamins and minerals such as omega-3 and selenium.

    Based in the heart of the Sussex countryside with a short local supply chain to ensure the carbon footprint of our meat is almost zero.

    By buying our sausages, you know exactly where your pork has come from.

    This means you can set aside any nagging environmental concerns and enjoy guilt-free pork year-round.

    By eating our pork, you can rest assured that it is local, high welfare and sustainable, as well as traceable from a single-farm gate…

    We really hope you enjoy it!

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