After many years of selling an array of beekeeping supplies, hives and equipment sourced from (frustratingly too many) different suppliers, we are feeling a virtual sigh of relief with the thought that we will be able at last to offer a full range of beekeeping paraphernalia! No more will we be saying ‘sorry but we don’t stock that’ or ‘can’t get it in time, or at all!’.

Thorne Beekeeping, with head office and manufacturing based in Lincolnshire has been making beekeeping equipment for over 100 years. They are proud to be such an established manufacturer and retailer of beekeeping equipment in the UK and are renowned throughout the world for the quality of the beehives they produce.

They are a fourth generation family firm supporting hundreds of local people and more than 50,000 beekeepers. With impressive green credentials – using recycled packaging and processing bi-products for re-use/sale to name but a few, for quality, service and innovation, we feel  there is only one choice.

We are looking forward to working with Thornes and being able to provide you all with a full range of quality products.