Treat your hens this Christmas with our Introductory Offer; just £9.95 for a large 70Ltr bag.

  • Convenient larger 70Ltr size (our old net sacks were approx. 25Ltr)
  • Solid sacks to avoid spillage during transport.

Made from 100% mixed British hardwoods. Our woodchips are chemical free and are produced from natural, renewable, environmentally friendly sources.

Keeping the ground of your chicken pen clean and dry plays an important part in maintaining the biosecurity and comfort of your birds.  No birds are happy in wet muddy conditions. A simple answer is to provide a thick layer of woodchips across the run. This gives the birds a surface to scratch around in and keeps the floor dry, so making it easier for your access also.

This woodchip is also suitable for garden paths, play areas (this chip is play grade) and makes great lighting fuel for bee-smokers.

These woodchips range between 5 and 35 mm, and last far longer than most soft chips or wood bark.

Please reuse the sacks where possible.  Don’t waste your old chicken pen flooring; a mixture of old wood chips, soil, grit, leafmould and a little poultry manure makes a fantastic alternative to peat and can be stored in these sacks until it is ready to use.

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