Our Hybrid and Pure Breed hens will be arriving soon…

With 10 breeds of hybrids and 16 different pure breeds and pekins arriving over the next 2 months we will have hens to suit all gardens, from the large laid back Brahmas to the sweet little Sablepoot Bantams, not forgetting the hybrid hens for reliable egg layers; there is so much joy in filling your egg basket with white, brown, cream and blue eggs.
Our hens will be here for all to see and choose, but we can only fit in a limited number of each breed so we recommend reserving in advance to avoid any disappointment.

Our Hybrid hens are due in February and the Pure Breeds soon after in March.

Please note: If a breed has sold out from the next flock, it will show as ‘Next flock: out of stock’ but a reservation can be made from the future flocks by selecting the ‘future flock’ and adding the month you would like to collect the hens.