Josh Dean

Animal Manager

Josh is our Farm Animal Manager and does a great job keeping our animals happy and healthy.  He spends much time in our Apiary, either tending to the bees, or producing our Apiary video clips and has gained much knowledge of these incredible insects. Josh can also be found working in the shop advising customers on beekeeping and poultry care.

Courses with Josh Dean

The Bees in your Garden: A bee experience day

The Bees in your Garden: A bee experience day

An informal day learning all about Bumblebees and Honeybees as well as how to help them in your garden and beyond.  For this workshop we are joined by the Bumblebee Conservation Trust’s Nikki Gammons or Alex Hodges to learn about the fascinating world of bees.  In the afternoon we discuss honey beekeeping and take a look inside a hive.