Bertie Weller

Owner's Son

Jason and Kerry’s eldest son. Bertie now works full time in electrical engineering but lives nearby and always helps where he can. He is our tech expert; often coming to our rescue with IT issues as well as building chicken runs with his Dad.  With lots of chicken keeping experience he is always keen to share his knowledge in the shop, at shows and on his training courses.

Courses with Bertie Weller

Off-grid Solar Shed Workshop

Off-grid Solar Shed Workshop

This course aims to demystify and plainly explain solar electricity to those who want to know what goes on beyond the panel.  You will be given practical demos and hands on experience.  You will be shown how to build your own small/medium solar set up for an off-grid cabin, shed, workshop or vehicle.  How to calculate your energy needs and how to size a system. Where to find the parts and how not to pay more than you need to. If you don't have a project in mind, it is still a good base for your solar curiosity.