Quail Hen (Golden)


Quail are lovely little birds making great pets, they are easy to care for and lay lots of tasty little eggs, they take up very little space and their life expectancy is around two years.  They have either golden or light tan and brown feathers with dark specks on their throat and breast (sold here as gold or standard).

Quail are the smallest European game bird, they are fairly hardy, living happily in a small ark or hutch, although protection from harsh winter weather & temperatures is needed.  They like covered areas and do not like open spaces, so add branches and boxes in their enclosure.  Protection must be given from rats, dogs, cats and other predators – they are not suitable (safe) for free ranging in your garden / land.

Quail lay lovely little chalky mottled brown, cream and blue eggs, they start to lay at around six to seven weeks and should lay around 300 eggs per year, when kept in the right environment and fed on the correct diet.  The eggs have a smooth creamy texture when eaten.  They have a shelf life of approximately 12 days and provide a good source of vitamin B12, iron, and protein.

Our quail are bred by a long established breeder, a family business who pride themselves in supplying very calm quail, a strain they have developed over many years. (most other quail are usually known to be far from calm)

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    Feather colour:   golden or light tan and brown feathers with dark specks
    Temperament:   calm (our specific strain)
    Egg production:   approx. 300 eggs per year
    Egg shell colour:   chalky mottled brown, cream and blue eggs

    You can simply call into our farm (during our opening hours) to have a look or buy birds.  You can also reserve birds through our website for collection from the farm.  Reservations are made against breed types and not specific birds, so you are still able to choose the birds yourself when you collect.  Making a reservation ensures we keep that number of the chosen breed for you.  Once we have received your order, we will check the stock levels and contact you to confirm their availability. If any of the birds ordered are not available in the current flock, we will let you know when we will next have them and if this is not acceptable then we will issue a full refund of your deposit.

    When purchasing poultry from us please either bring your own carrier, alternatively, our cardboard boxes or carriers are available to purchase on our website, pre-ordered with your birds or in our shop.

    If you have not placed an order or have not received our confirmation, please contact us before making a special trip to our farm to avoid any possible disappointment.

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