Plastic Hanging Grit or Feed-cup


Perfect for poultry girt, chick and quail food and water.  Made from tough plastic with metal hooks to fix easily to most wires.

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An ideal cup for providing grit to poultry:
Grit is needed for birds to help digest food, small pieces of angular stone and sit in their gizzard and helps to grind up the food as it passes through. Chicken grit is available in various forms, both soluble (limestone/oyster shell) and non-soluble (flint/granite). however, we always recommend our bags of mixed grit which contain shell and stone, this allows your birds to decide which they need and when. The grit can be scattered on the ground for them to find, aiding in the ‘more to do factor’, or simply put out in a small feed cup on the side of the pen near the main feeder. Just remember, a good supply of grit is essential, it is their teeth!

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