Sussex Trugs


The Royal Sussex Garden Trug:
Made from Sweet Chestnut and Willow with the bark left on the chestnut handle and rim.

Made locally by Thomas Smith Trugs of Herstmonceux, Sussex Trugs are perfect for collecting our garden produce, flower cuttings and eggs from your hens.

Sussex Trug Making is listed by the Heritage Crafts Association as being an endangered craft. Please help us keep this special traditional craft alive by purchasing one of our Trugs or coming along to one of our workshops to make your own.

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    This is an advance order, we will contact you when the hens are available for collection.

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    A brief history of the Sussex Trug:
    Way back in the heydays of the 1820’s, just before Queen Victoria ascended to the English Throne, a Man of Sussex, one Thomas Smith of Herstmonceux, made a decision about his life that was to have a profound effect on Sussex and the World.   He invented the Sussex Trug! Taking an ancient idea dating back to Anglo Saxon times, Thomas redesigned the historic “trog” and in so doing he created a part of the English gardening scene that is now World famous!

    Made from natural materials:
    The Sweet Chestnut (also known as Spanish Chestnut) was first brought to southern England by the Romans sometime after they invaded Britain in about 43 AD. It only grows in the south-eastern corner of England, where it grows very well.  The Chestnut is “coppiced”. This is a traditional form of woodland management and ensures the wellbeing of flora and fauna in the woodlands. When the trees are cut plants such as bluebells become dormant and other, sun loving flowers and plants grow instead. As the trees re-grow, they form cover on the woodland floor and shade loving flowers and plants (like bluebells) take sway once again, so the requirement for coppiced chestnut helps keep woodland management skills alive.

    Available in 3 sizes, our smallest trug: size 4 is great for children or to collect your daily eggs.  Size 5 is a great general-purpose trug and our largest; size 6 is perfect for an adult to use in the garden.

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