British Cedar National Hive (Empty) Assembled


Mantel Farm Special:
Made from British Cedar: Our National Hive comprises: Open Mesh Floor, Brood, Plastic Queen Excluder, 2 supers, Crownboard and a 4″ flat roof.

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    This is an advance order, we will contact you when the hens are available for collection.

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    Manufactured by Thornes in the UK from British Cedar and fully assembled at Mantel Farm.

    Our British Cedar Hive is made from sustainably sourced, fsc certified, economy grade British Cedar.  Supporting UK business, and reducing global transportation, this is a great hive, lightweight but long lasting, the timber may have some solid live knots and other minor imperfections, but with a treatment of oil or preservative it will provide many years use.

    You will find this bottom bee spaced, single walled hive in use all over the British Isles. It is still the most popular by far. Attractively designed with substantial hand holds that also accommodate the long lugs of the British Standard frame. The hive comprises open mesh floor, brood body, plastic queen excluder, two supers, crownboard with 2 plastic Porter bee escapes and galvanised metal covered 4″ roof. Height: 650mm. Width: 460mm. Depth: 450mm

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