Foundation: Unwired


Standard quality beeswax is manufactured at Rand. It is beeswax blended from a variety of sources and has excellent colour and aroma.

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    This foundation is unwired for those beekeepers wishing to wire their own frames and/or foundation.

    BS Deep foundation is used in National, WBC and Smith brood bodies.

    Thornes have manufactured foundation at Rand for over 50 years and on which base their reputation as being the leading manufacturer of beeswax foundation in the UK.

    Standard worker base foundation.  Sheets are unwired.

    B.S. Shallow: Height: 2mm, Width: 127mm, Length: 341mm
    B.S. Deep Wired: Height: 2mm, Width: 203mm, Length: 341mm.
    14″ x 12″ Wired: Height: 2mm, Width: 292mm, Length: 341mm

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