Asian Hornet Trap and 5 Lures


Veto-pharma Vespa Catch

Asian Hornet Trap and 5 Lures

A simple and effective trap known to attract Asian hornets.
Simply add the attractant to sugar and water. Install the trap on a tree or other support. Use in late winter/early spring to attract Queen hornets.

Use an average of two traps for every five hives.

When the trap is full, or three weeks after installation, replace the attractant solution. Ensure the black top cover is always fitted.

Pack contains one trap and 5 sachets of attractant. Full instructions are included.

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The VespaCatch trap and attractant has been used for almost 10 years by French beekeepers.

This natural solution is a formidable ally in the fight against this invader:

  • Natural trapping solution based on plant extracts
  • No pesticide
  • Formulated to not attract bees.

Specially developed to trap Asian hornets:

  • The trap lid provides two entrances, both covered with a tunnel that focuses and directs odours, shields ambient light, and prevents hornets from escaping.
  • The shape of the trap concentrates the odour of the attractant and allows a better diffusion and efficacy
  • The yellow bowl colour is known to attract Asian hornets.

Tips for use:

  • If the traps do not catch any hornets, it may be useful to reposition them.
  • It is recommended to trap when the maximum daily temperatures exceed 15°C.
  • It is recommended to trap in areas of passage of the Asian hornet.
  • For better efficiency, do not clean the trap during the renewal of the solution.



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