Suit round hat British made


Confidence boosting apiary wear offering full head to ankle protection without restricting vision or movement

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    Polyester cotton. Elasticated wrists and ankles. Hat and veil are attached to the jacket with heavy duty zip and are completely removable. Velcro seal where zips meet. heavy duty zip and are completely removable. Inside Leg Cuff to Cuff Crutch to Collar Back Neck to Ankle Waist Relaxed before Stretched

    Suit           Size   Inside leg   Cuff to cuff   Crutch to collar  Neck to ankle    Waist

    Small         36″   32″/81cm    59″/150cm     35.5″/90cm         62″/152cm        35″/89cm
    Medium     40″   32″/81cm    69″/175cm     35.5″/90cm         64″/162cm        41″/104cm
    Large         44″   32″/81cm    69″/175cm     36″/91cm            64″/162cm        42″/107cm
    X Large     48″   32″/81cm    69″/175cm     36″/91cm            64″/162cm        48″/122cm
    XXLarge    52″   32″/81cm    75″/190cm     40″/101cm          67″/170cm        52″/127cm

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