Gender identification in the hatching egg using the SELEGGT process is a unique, patented process for endocrinological gender identification in the hatching egg developed by SELEGGT GmbH. This process was developed from ground research carried out by scientists at the University of Leipzig.

By using the patented SELEGGT process, Respeggt can prevent the hatching of male chicks, thus saving them from an ethically questionable fate. This process is based on endocrinological gender identification in the hatching egg, which uses hormone analysis to determine whether the hatching egg is male or female.

On the ninth day of the incubation process, a small drop of liquid is extracted from the eggs. This is a non-invasive procedure, meaning that the inner part of the hatching egg is not affected and is therefore left unharmed.

The drop of liquid extracted from the hatching egg is analysed using a patented marker. A distinctive colour change in the sample immediately indicates whether the hatching egg is male or female.

According to the result of this test, the eggs are sorted into male and female eggs. The male eggs are then used to produce high-quality animal feed that is an important component of feed recipes for farm animals.

The female eggs continue incubation until the chicks hatch. As a result of the gender identification process, only female chicks hatch after the 21 days of incubation. These then become laying hens for respeggt eggs.

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