New Opening Hours:

Saturday and Sunday 10am – 4pm

At last, we can hear you shout! It may have been a long time coming, but not without good reason. If the Sunday lie in, rising to a full English breakfast, preparing and consuming a large roast dinner has been your reason for not being able to get out to us, worry no more!

After many years of not opening for the full weekend, we have now reached a time, where, for a multitude of reasons, we can now offer this. Being essentially a family business, we have always tried to keep Saturdays free to do family stuff. Although, living and working here has always seen a blurred line between ‘work & play’, we know that we’ve tried our best. Now as our children are young adults and many things have changed, both family and business, the time is right to make the change.

So, from 4th March, we will be opening on Saturdays instead of Fridays. Updating our signage, stationery, everywhere on our website and in all the places that we haven’t even thought of will undoubtedly leave a few stones unturned, so please bear with us! We’re quite expecting to be out there on the morning of the 4th sticking duct tape over the gate signs! As we have been open on Fridays for many years, it’s bound to take several weeks for the message to reach everyone who shops with us, especially those who come just a few times a year and perhaps are not signed up to our newsletter. We can never suit all, so.. If you can only make Fridays, please accept our apologies, but please do use our new locker collection to shop as usual on a Friday, hopefully, we’ll see you at some point for a catch-up over a weekend in our shop.