What a difference a couple of dry days make!  We have welcomed the chance to be outside, refreshing our woodchip paths and chicken pens.  It is a lovely way to lift your spirits; working outside and seeing the mud replaced with lovely bright, natural wood chips.

Our March Hybrid and Pure breed hens are arriving soon…  

After a busy couple of weekends, most of the chickens ordered from our Feb flock have now been collected and we are not far off the March hens arriving,
Our hens will soon be here for all to see and choose, but we can only fit in a limited number of each breed so we recommend reserving in advance to avoid any disappointment.

Woodchips back in stock…

With so much rain over winter, now is the perfect time to refresh your chicken runs with a good layer of hard wood chips.
Our chips are made from 100% mixed British hardwoods from renewable, environmentally friendly sources.  Convenient larger 70Ltr size solid sacks to avoid spillage during transport.

Barley Straw back in stock…

We can now offer new convenient bags of barley straw: ideal for your hens nest boxes or for your small pets.
Super soft, our golden Barley Straw is harvested in the UK in the height of the summer for superior quality.
Packaged in a 100% biodegradable, plastic free bag.